Event: Belmodo Fit Summit @Gent

Event: Belmodo Fit Summit @Gent

Hi sweeties! Last sunday I made a little trip to Gent for the Belmodo Fit Summit event! I’ve learned so much and I want to share the most important things with you in this blogpost.

What is Belmodo Fit Summit?

Belmodo Fit Summit is an event organised by Belmodo, in cooperation with Leander Personal Training. It’s an entire day full of workshops, theoretical and practical. Even if you’ve been working out for years, you can still learn  new and interesting things. Pauline and I chose to challenge ourselves and did intense workouts the entire day!

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We started the day with a boxing workout. That was intense! I felt it the next couple of days in my arms and shoulder blades. It was so much fun!

(c) Belmodo

Then we took a 3D-booty class! We learned excercises to address the entire tissue in our butt. This is possible when you do dynamic exercises instead of all the static exercises that everyone knows (squat, lunge, hip thrusters,…). It were exercises that you have to perform fluently. You can create more intensity by using your arms in the opposite direction. It might sound a little vague, I think I’ll do a video on that soon. Would you like to see dynamic butt-exercises in a video? Let me know!

Next up: stretching class! We all are used to sitting a lot (in school, at work, …) and that affects our flexibility a lot. Do you know a deep squat (with both feet flat on the ground) should be a natural resting position for humans? My ankles start to hurt if I sit long in this position.

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We took a girls who lift class as well. I’m so happy I now know the perfect way to perform a deadlift! They explained it so well that I can even teach others the correct posture. I used to have some pain in my lower back while deadlifting and that’s over now!

At the end of the day we had a very extreme ballet fit workout. The teacher had a great body (goals!) and an incredible condition! It was one of the heaviest workouts I’ve ever done. But I loved it! Ballet combined with fitness, that’s my calling!

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Food and drinks

There were some delicious and healthy snacks by Alpro, Sipwell, Philips and SoepPlus! I loved the smoothies from Philips! At lunch I chose the pasta with chicken from SoepPlus, very good!

(c) Belmodo
(c) Belmodo
(c) Belmodo

Are you joining me next year?



Outfit by Hunkemoller.

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