Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay! Debby_thechocoholic nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s always nice if your work gets appreciated.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award from bloggers for bloggers that inspire others to be creative and positive in blogger-world!

There are a couple of must-do’s with this award:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link to his/her blog.
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger asks you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive the award and ask them 11 questions.
  4. List the rules and place the logo of the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post on your blog.

I’m very grateful for receiving this nomination from Debby! She has a wonderful blog of her own and keeps inspiring me daily with jummy recipes, everything with chocolate specifically! We met in real life at an event where we followed a POP-pilates class. She’s now a certified instructor of POP Pilates which is so AWESOME! She wrote a guestblog with a stretching-routine for my website as well, check it out here. Read even more about her here!

11 Questions from Debby to me:

1)When and why did you start your blog?

I started my blog on my 21st birthday because I decided an instagram caption wasn’t enough to write down everything that I wanted to share! I started in dutch and switched to english when some followers compained that they couldn’t read my blog! 😀

2)Which is your most viewed article?

I’m an obese fitgirl, maybe you are too.  I wrote this blog after I got my fat measured and even though I don’t look very fat, I did seem to have lots of it! It was also a statement to warn people that all those fat-measurements aren’t exactly correct.

3)Which has been the most fun colab ever?

I’ve been very lucky to become an ambassador for Hunkemöller. I love the brand and I’m absolutely in love with some of their latest items from the sports collections. This has definitely been the most fun colab so far!

4)In which outfit do you feel good?

Obviously, I like sporty outfits that are comfy! I feel most confident in high waisted leggings and a pretty long-sleeved crop top! But you can find me a lot in onesies or cosy sportswear at home as well!

5)Which is your favorite dish?

I used to answer this with french fries but it shifted lately to: Pasta with scampi and curry!

6)How do you feel when someone says they see you as an inspiration?

Awesome! This always makes my day. I’m putting in all this work at my blog, youtube and instagram account to get a beautiful compliment like this. That’s the goal of spreading my knowledge and experiences.

7)Who is your biggest inspiration?

This is a difficult question because I get my inspiration from lots of things. I can be inspired by pictures on pinterest, by people posting on instagram (not even influencers with big numbers of followers, just people who follow their dreams).

8)Sum up 3 positive things about yourself.

I’m organised, a good listener and enthousiast.

9)What is your dream profession?

My dream profession is to do what I love: run my dance school, blog, make videos, share my experience, organise sporty activities, …

10)How did you see the future when you were a child?

I always wanted to become a ballerina.

11)What are your blog-goals for 2018?

I want to focus more on yoga-exercises and flexibility. The goal is to share more personal posts as well! And I’ll try to keep posting consistently, every week on wednesday!

My nominations for this award:

  1. Just My Stories
  2. Anverelle
  3. Fitgingereef
  4. Ellenismyname
  5. Crossmediagirlontherun
  6. Astridliawouters 
  7. Onahealthyadventure
  8. Suzannebrummel
  9. L’Amour Innocent
  10. Eefjesfinest
  11. Fitlifesix

You can all answer my questions in dutch if your blog is in dutch! 🙂 

My questions for the nominated bloggers:

  1. Which blogs inspire you most?
  2. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
  3. Which television series do you love?
  4. If you could buy anything right now, what would it be?
  5. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  6. Who is your target audience for your blog? Who should read your blog?
  7. Do you have a favorite quote?
  8. What is your best tip about blogging?
  9. What is your biggest fear?
  10. Cats or dogs?
  11. What is your favorite dish?

I hope y’all answer these questions, I’m very curious to read what your answers are! Good luck <3







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