AVOCADOS are overrated?!

An opinion piece on avocados, do you agree?

Tastes like butter

In my opinion, avocados aren’t overrated at all. It’s important to get your healthy fats in and that’s what avocado is perfect for. I believe it tastes like regular butter and I love it on my sandwich.

Avocado is filled with vitamins like B, C, E and K and contain magnesium, kalium, sink and iron which makes it a very healthy thing to eat! It’s proven that avocado helps lower your cholesterol and helps reduce the chances on heart diseases, win-win!

All benefits

I like that I can make different dishes with avocado. You can eat it just like that, on a sandwich, smashed in a sauce or even mix it in a smoothie.

According to me, avocado is perfect to help you lose weight as well. After you eat avocado, you’ll feel full and have no desire for sweets or chocolate.

Besides all this, avocado is hip and you can make instaproof pictures with it! Another thing I like about avocado is that it makes your skin pretty. That’s because of the vitamins that slow down the aging process.

If you are struggling to get enough calories in, avocado is your go-to vegetable as well. Don’t be scared of the amount of fats in it, these are all healthy fats!

A strong reason to like avocado too is the fact that it’s good to eat when pregnant. The folic acid in avocado is very important to pregnant woman, it reduces the risk of a miscarriage!

Grow them yourself!

You could say that avocados are rather expensive, but it’s very easy to grow them yourself. Just use the pit, put it on toothpicks over a glass of water and wait! Plant it after 3 weeks and that’s it! I would love an avocado tree, wouldn’t you?

To conclude, I believe that avocados are a wonderful product!

How do you feel about avocados?


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