10 best tips for smooth & soft legs

Redness, itching, irritation and bumps. Shaving can be hell! But luckily, here are 10 tips to end this horror, for once and for all!

Y’all know I’m a dancer so you probably can imagine that I must shave a lot. Unfortunately, I suffered from a red skin after shaving my legs, itching skin after shaving my armpits and bikini line. I can tell you that this has changed recently. I updated my shaving routine to a new level and haven’t got any red skin or itching issues so far. Let me share the secrets to smooth & soft legs:

My top ten tips:

1) Shave yourself in the evening

If you shave right before you go to bed, you give your skin the entire night to recover from the shaving process. No more contact with lotions, tight clothing or perfume is the perfect way to prevent your skin from redness and irritation.

2) Scrub to remove dead skin cells

I’m using the Kjarr peeling and scrub from Ylonn, a biological product for all skin types.

It reduces irritation with its antibacterial and fungicide function, makes your skin look younger, tighter and makes your skin softer! I love the smell of this product, it has a strawberry gum scent!

3) Use a clean and sharp razor

A blunt razor creates irritation and bumps, a dirty one too. Make sure not to re-use disposable razors, they are made for one-time-use only.

4) Take a hot shower or bad before you start shaving.

This opens the pores and reduces the chance of making little wounds while shaving. The result will be a much smoother skin as well.

5) Use a shaving cream

Make sure to pick a shaving cream that’s unperfumed and PH-neutral to avoid irritation.

6) Shave under running water

If you shave in bath for example, when your skin is surrounded by water, your skin swells up. When you get out of the water, your skin will get back into place and it results in these annoying stubbles. Shaving under running water, like in the shower, allows you to shave closer to your skin and avoid stubbles and irritation!

7) Shave in the direction of the hair growth.

This reduces the pressure on your skin. Shaving against the hair growth direction removes the hairs more easily but causes irritation easily.

8) Use the Raka roll on lotion from Ylonn to calm skin irritations.

It contains a Camphor oil that helps calm your skin. You can use it on your face, body and armpits! Apply daily for the best results.

9) Dab your wet skin with a towel after shaving.

Rubbing a towel against a freshly shaved skin causes irritation easily. Your pores are still wide open so it’s important not to rub any textile in them. Dabbing is a better way to carefully dry your skin.

10) Shave gently and with attention

Little wounds and irritation are often caused by a quick shave. I once shaved off 3 cm of skin due to not paying attention and having little time to shave. Let me tell you, that was painful.

About Ylonn

I talked about some products from Ylonn in these tips above. Ylonn is the webshop of Wendy. Wendy used to hate shaving. She had lots of discomfort after shaving: ingrown hairs, small and bigger humps, itching, … Eventually she learned to live with it but decided at 36 years old that enough is enough! Wendy talked with lots of specialists and did lots of research. After a year there was the Ylonn-line of care products for all woman who suffer from similar complaints.

My Experience

I tried out the products from Ylonn for more than two weeks before writing this review. This way, I can honestly give my opinion about a product I tested extensively. I’m very pleased to tell you that the products have really helped me. The scrub makes my skin feel so soft and the roll-on lotion has calmed my skin and completely ended the itching. I must say, the results came after 9 days of using the products. So, hold on and don’t give up if you don’t notice a big change after a couple of days. It takes some time. But I’m definitely very happy to tell you that I haven’t had any itching or irritated skin for a week now.

You’ll have to incorporate a few extra steps into your shaving routine and it takes a little more time, but I believe it’s worth it. By the way, me-time is important! A big thanks to Wendy for developing this product and allowing me to discover it.

Do you suffer from itching, red skin or irritation after shaving? 


  • Lodi

    Goede tips. Dit lijken me hele fijne producten. Vooral nu met fit weer scheer ik mijn benen en oksels weer meer

  • Jouvence

    Wat een handige/fijne tips! Ik heb alleen bij mijn schaamstreek vaak last van roodheid of bultjes, maar onder mijn oksels enzo dan weer niet.

  • Mariëlle

    Goeie tip! Ik zag Ylonn ook al voorbij komen bij wat andere bloggers, dus mijn nieuwsgierigheid is echt gewekt. Ik lees er zoveel goeds over!

  • Karlien Vermeersc

    very good tips, but I don’t shave my legs, I use wax or an epilator machine.
    Anyway taking a hot bath or shower before epilating your legs is also a rule, that way it hurts less


  • Eva

    Handige tips! Ik heb ook last van roodheid na het scheren dus ik ga je tips zeker uitproberen

  • Sylvahna.nl

    Hier staan een aantal goede tips tussen! Ik scheer me eigenlijk altijd al onder de douche, maar dat je met de haartjes mee moet scheren heb ik nooit geweten. Heb het ook altijd tegen de haartjes in gedaan!

  • Eke

    Ik heb meestal pas last als de haartjes weer beginnen te groeien, dan even flink smeren en dan is het wel te doen.

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