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The packaging says: strengthen and smooth your skin, diminish cellulite and reduce muscle pain after your workout. But is all that true? Keep reading and find out!

Sothys Nutri-relaxing oil

This oil has 3 functions: strengthen, improve and support the skin. I followed the instructions and rubbed it in before my workout, in a circular movement, on my upper legs. It was legday that’s why. After my workout, I rubbed it in deeply as well to relax and easy the muscles. Apparently you can also use it if you’re not working out, to feed your skin and calm it. Just apply to your whole body!

The scent of the oil is similar to the Vicks balm which I love. I did notice the effect after using it for a couple of days. My skin was very soft and I didn’t feel as sore as I usually do after my workouts. So that’s definitely a WIN!

Sothys Smoothing warming gel

The second product I tried was this soothing warming gel. It has a special formula with a warming effect. There are two big advantages to this gel:

  1. Apply it before working out to prepare your skin. It warms a little so your muscles are activated and ready to work!
  2. It boosts weightloss and reduces cellulite on your legs.

The gel is available in 3 different scents: citrus, flowers and green. Mine smells like those typical sporting gels combined with citrus. The scent is strong but enjoyable. Apply with gentle smoothing strokes until it’s completely absorbed. I did get a great result after using it for a couple of days. To be exact, I used it twice a day for 10 days in a row and I could really see that the cellulite on my legs was less visible. It’s not a magical cure and it’s important to combine it with healthy eating, drinking lots of water and working out to maintain the smooth skin.

They did a study where cellulite was reduced visibly with 27 percent after using it twice a day for a month so that’s definitely a good result. Most gels I’ve tried before didn’t have any result so me likey this one!

Sothys sale points

You can only get the Sothys products at institutes and spa’s. Click here to look for an institute near your home.

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